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    Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Naturally Reversed!

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    Diabetes Type II?

    Want To See Your Numbers Improve and Enjoy Living Again?

    Find out how with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture,

    Type II Diabetes Can Be Reversed!

    Right now, you are probably frustrated about your diabetes.

    Perhaps even a little scared of how diabetes is going to affect you in the future

    Maybe you’re already suffering from some of the uncomfortable symptoms that are caused by diabetic drugs or the complications from diabetes Disease, like Vision problems, Poor circulation, etc.

    All these symptoms are a constant reminder that you are in danger, that your health is like a ticking bomb just waiting to go off and leaves you with heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness or even need to have fingers, toes, or even limbs amputated.

    Adult-onset diabetes-Type II- is a severe medical condition.

    When your blood sugar levels are too high, your internal organs are soaked in sugar water, gradually destroying their essential functions, which causes all the complications in the long term.

    The good news is: The dangerous Medications that destroy your body’s natural healing response system is NOT the only answer!

    You CAN reverse your Type II diabetes with our All-Natural Metabolism Enhancement Program which benefits many Diabetic patients right now!

    Our program is helping dramatically lower our clients blood sugar and keeping it low and improving overall health.

    This All-Natural Metabolism Enhancement Program includes:

    • Qi Balance program with Acupuncture
    • Tension Release/Stress Reduction with Acupuncture and Manual Therapy
    • Metabolism Enhancement Therapy with herbs and Moxa (a natural heating therapy).
    • Diet Program with simple diet modification & light intermittent fasting

    If you have diabetes, if you have pre-diabetes, or if you have a love someone who does. You should join our FREE Health Seminar on August 17th @7.30pm-8.30pm, and August 20th @2pm-4pm.

    “Type II Diabetes Can Be Naturally Reversed!”

    In this FREE seminar, you will learn:

    1. Why you may NOT have to suffer the irreversible damage of diabetic drugs
    2. How you may be able to reduce the risk of losing your sight, your toes, your kidney
    3. What you can do to get your MD to reduce your medicine
    4. What may be the REAL CAUSE of diabetes that fully explains the current epidemic

    As Dr Yaron Wu, L.Ac., DAOM is writing a book on Diabetes treatment with Acupuncture, so there will be only very limited information explore on this website. But after you join our All Natural Diabetes Reverse Program”, you will be invited to attend our more therapeutic related series Diabetes seminars:

    08/17/22 @ 7.30pm-8.30pm
    08/20/22 @ 2pm-4pm 

    Zoom meeting

    Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Naturally Reversed!

    • Diet for Diabetes (in clinic seminar )
    • What happened to your Digestion and Metabolism with Diabetes
    • The secret for how to eat “normal” and doing well for Diabetes
    • Review of all current diet programs for Diabetes

    Not a patient yet? but you want to learn attend these in clinic seminars?

    $99 for each seminar or $199 for all 3 seminars

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    What People Say?


    My blood sugar and HA1c dropped during Dr’s “All Natural Diabetic Reversal Program”. My energy was way much better- I used to feel tired after play 1 tennis course, now I can play 3 courses and still not fell tired. I feel this program is more like life style change more than just drop your blood sugar number, it is overall health, the number drop is just 1 bonus.



    I had borderline diabetic, cholesterol was very high, high triglycerides, Liver enzymes also were all over the place. I had gained a lot of weight as well. I started treatment with Dr. Wu and my latest annual health report came out clean. I’m no longer diabetic, A1C has come down to 5.7, cholesterol is normal, normal triglycerides, normal ALT/AST (liver enzymes). In little over three months all the numbers on my health report are normal. Nothing short of a miracle. I am truly thankful for his expertise and wisdom.


    My HA1c dropped from 7.8 to 6.8, then to 6.1 during Dr’s “All Natural Diabetic Reversal Program”! And my energy, digestion, and tommy blooding was all much better. Thanks to Dr Wu

    Rani K.

    I have been a Registered Nurse for 20 Years. When the Doctors discovered my diabetes I was at 12.9! I told them I want to see my kids grow up!! A friend told me about Dr Wu and I started his All - Natural Metabolism Enhancement program on July 22nd. After two months of treatment…. My A1C dropped to 6!...from three medicines I dropped to one medicine, and this is all verified by Kaiser! From July my blood sugar went from 200’s - down to 120… In 2 months!... I’m very very happy. Along with the Blood Sugar levels my energy has improved, which is important as an Emergency Room Nurse with 2 children! It is a lot of work but it is definitely working…. I am hopeful to get off the last medication.

    Rani K. / A1C: 8.46->6

    Gilbert E.

    Dr. Wu is the best doctor I’ve ever seen. I went to him to help me with my diabetes and after two weeks my sugar levels are down enough to stop taking medicines. I feel so much better and have more energy and lost 5 lbs. In the process. Thank you Dr. Wu and his staff.

    Gilbert E.

    Bill T.

    My blood sugar was 240-300 with medication, and my MD was ready to give me insulin. I started Dr. Wu’s ‘All Natural Metabolism Enhancement Program’ on 06/13/2019, and followed his treatment plan, diet and intermittent fasting recommendations. Within 15 days, my blood sugar kept on dropping and hit 95 on 06/29/19. Now my blood sugar is in the 80-105 range, and waiting for my A1C test in September to stop my medication. I am very happy with the outcome.

    Bill T. / A1C 8.5->5.7


    My first meeting with Dr. Wu was in 2010, when my mother was suffering from crippling arthritic pain in both the knees.My mother went to see him on a wheelchair but came back walking. In 2018, I had to take my mother to the ER about 12 times for various reasons. Her diabetes was out of control, fasting sugar ranged in high 200’s , Blood pressure was so high ( 227/120 etc.) on several occasions that she could have had a stroke. She started treatment with Dr Wu in December 2018. Her fasting blood sugar has come down to 130’s after 6 visits, and after a few months, her A1C has come down significantly. Blood pressure is under control. Her appetite and her mood has improved and OVERALL IS IN MUCH BETTER HEALTH.



    I first discovered that I was diabetic when I was only 35 years old. Since then I have struggled with this condition. I am now 71 & there was no sign of my diabetes coming under control. Only solution was insulin injection. This insulin amount kept on increasing . I was injecting 100+ units of fast & slow acting insulin per day. Then I heard of Dr . Wu's seminar. I attended the seminar & started therapy. Since then after 1 month I am down to almost no fast acting insulin & only 22 units of slow acting insulin twice a day.



    I got myself tested. My A1C is 7.2 now. Quite an improvement after being around 11. My goal is to take it to 6-6.5 before reducing medication. I haven't tried tea as of now but will do it now. I also need more of that moxa treatment. How Can I pick it up? My MD doctor wants to send some more patients your way

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