Dr. Yaron Wu, L.AC., DAOM

  • Licensed in California (L.Ac.)
  • In Practice for 27 years China, Singapore and USA
  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) in USA
  • 6 post doctorate years of training as Western medical doctor and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor (integrative medicine) at Beijing Chinese Medicine University, China
  • Apprenticed and trained
    under nationally-renowned doctors in China, in various specialty techniques for acupuncture and pulse diagnosis
  • Speaker to professional groups,
    presented acupuncture at Stanford university, UCSF, UCLA, Tunnel Rehabilitation Center and physician groups
  • Speaker for Public Health
    educational seminars and workshops to corporations, community groups and churches all over California
  • Regular speaker on Radio 92.3Fm (current and 96.1FM, 1170AM (2000-2006) regarding Chinese Medicine and health
  • More then ten thousand people’s health has been benefit from our free seminars and workshops in past 16 years

Co-author for 1 Chinese medicine book, and over 30 DVD on different health topics.

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