Herbal medicine has been a very important feature of traditional Chinese medicine for several thousands of years. It is still being widely practiced across hospitals and clinics in East Asia, and is the preferred choice with regards to internal medicine.

Chinese herbs are given to patients on individual basis, and this is how they differ from pharmaceutical drugs. In other words, a trained herbalist will look to combine different herbs in varying ratios and proportions for every patient. In fact, the prescription for a particular patient may even change on a weekly basis, as determined by the patient’s progress.

This method of prescription can drastically increase the effectiveness of the herb, as compared to pre- formulated herbal products from a store.

Tremendous research has been done to validate the merit and effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicines in both the West and in China.  It can treat a wide variety of chronic diseases, and also has minimal side effects as compared to Western drugs.

In the last more than 20 years, Dr. Yaron Wu had apprentice training with 5 national well-known grand masters in China to learn Chinese medicine, the pulse reading and herb prescription, and developed his own style.

Dr Wu can diagnosis most symptoms from patient’s pulse without asking, and prescribe effective herb formula for long distance patient, by tongue pictures  andbasic health questions, and this become the foundation for our clinic “Home Therapy Program”

Safety is our top priority at our clinic.  when dispensing herbal prescriptions. In our clinic, we prescribe only the purest, safest herbal products that meet Pharmaceutical grade GMP standards.

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