Ladies and Gentlemen with Diabetes, May I have your attention please?

Ladies and Gentlemen with Diabetes, May I have your attention please?

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please? Have you completed 45 years of your age or above? Are you facing health issues? Are you looking for a solution to overcome these issues?

How about answering a quick quiz?

 Which of the following organs, according to you, plays a crucial role in helping you reverse Type -2 Diabetes, pre-diabetes and controlling your blood sugars?

  1. Gall Bladder?
  2. Liver?
  3. Pancreas?
  4. Brain?

Were you confused while selecting your answer? Well, it’s not just you but the same confusion is experienced by health experts who still wonder what it is. This is Dr Wu and I have been studying Chinese medicine and its traditional discourse over a long time. It is possible you would have come across my name through the wellness programs and seminars that I host in order to help people retrieve their health state.

Now that you have read so far you would surely be expecting some unusual fancy diet, any costly supplement or a drug, but let me stop you right there because no! I am not going to talk about any of these. I have come up with my recent discovery which can help you reverse your diabetes and on knowing its benefits and how conveniently it can be used, nothing can stop your will to improve your lifestyle and aim for a healthier body.

We do not intend to inculcate a heavy dose of superficial medicines in your body, but instead we work with the benefits of Nature, the secrets that our body holds, the healing power of our environment and the traditional proven methods like acupuncture and herb oriented medicines.

Diabetes as a precursor to other diseases

Diabetes is one such issue which can lead to the risk of any and every kind of serious ailment to disrupt your body and immune system. This can worsen your living conditions and make you more prone to diseases like

  1. Cardiovascular disease
  2. Nerve damage (neuropathy)
  3. Eye damage (retinopathy)
  4. Kidney damage (nephropathy)
  5. Foot damage (ulcers)
  6. Tinnitus and hearing disorder
  7. Skin issues like rashes, abnormal growths, redness and itching
  8. Alzheimer’s

Scared? Well these are not even ten percent of the many more issues that diabetes can attract, to an extent that the disease becomes stubborn and irreversible which ultimately becomes lethal for your body. What should you do then? Start working on your health next week onwards? NO! You need to act on the downfall of your health graph now!

Did your doctor assure you that it’s all fine and you will manage your health with medication? I am sorry to break it to you but they are lying! It is not only impossible but will also take a toll on both your finances and your immunity system.

But why will the doctors lie? Because it will help them make profits out of your ailment! as simple as that. Treating diabetics is a huge money making business for doctors, dieticians, surgeons, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals which complicate and exaggerate your treatment process. It is all about the money here, and you being the customer will pay every penny for the medicines and products that they will ask you to consume without questioning them.

The worst part here is that these medicines will make your immune system reliable and your disease will be on a standby instead of being cured. Your problem will keep piling until it takes the form of a serious ailment. Chinese medicines work in contrast to the regular medicines that you consume, and have a better impact on your health. Chinese medicine works on the theory of vital body flow. It targets the meridians of your body and helps it heal by triggering and enhancing it’s natural functioning.

The medicines that are given to you are just a tool to cover your symptoms and the alter issues that are caused by these medicines are again covered with more medicines. You might take a pill to stabilize your blood pressure, then you will be given one for the water retention in your body, then another one for managing your cholesterol, another one for your high blood sugar, another one for anxiety and the list continues to an extent that surviving without pills becomes a task next to impossible for you. Here the doctors are not working on the root cause of your disease but are working to ensure that everything apart from the real issue is taken care of.

In the course of taking these pills you will realize that your mental state has started facing a downfall and you will be recommended another medicine for it, your immunity will be affected, you might loose your energized version and all of this will again be subjected to medicines. It has been studied that once you start taking pills frequently they help your body withstand a specific issue but give rise to more problems. These pills eventually will lead to the induction of full blown diabetes in your body and again the only solution you will find is taking medicines and insulin shots. In short, the chances of these medicines and methods to cure your diabetes and help you live healthy are near to null.

The fact is that the claim to manage diabetes is false! Yes you heard that right. Diabetes is not manageable and the days when visiting an emergency room will become normal, are near. Your doctor might have presented to you a foolproof medication plan, the insulin injections might be working momentarily for you but you will notice that your health state would actually be getting worse. The increased intake to medicine, the increased abnormalities in the body again followed by an increased of stronger medicine intake eventually inviting more and more health issues.

Diabetes is an example of a slow death that will cut down your life span, decrease you living standards and end your life painfully. But the good news is that you can overcome this ailment with a rapid and responsible step now! It is effective to uproot the weed from its root rather than trimming it from its leaves again and again. We will follow the same approach towards diabetes.

I do not intend to shatter your hopes. I am just trying to make you aware of the fraud that you, your body and your pocket are subjected to.

Now that you know how you health is being scammed by the conventional treatment methods, how about trying something new? It comes from the nourishment of Chinese medicines and is prepared to heal you naturally without the toxicity and alter effects of the commercialized drugs. This makes use of ingredients contained in different roots and stems.

Home based therapies are known to be the most effective since they work with the potential vested in them by Mother Nature. Remedies carried out by different types of foods such as apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and aloe vera are some of the home-based remedies.

Curing Type 2 diabetes

Before getting to the goal of achieving all your healthy life aims, let us focus on curing your Type -2 Diabetes. To begin with, you need to start by kicking off all the extra weight that can cause harm to your body. Do not worry because here by “extra” I don’t mean that you need to become extra slim and compete with a fashion model! Here by “extra” you need to target enough fat to reach the fat threshold that Dr. Ron Taylor calls “personal fat threshold”.

Reaching this state of “Personal fat threshold” will be a great benchmark and the first step in getting rid of diabetes. This theory that I am talking about is from Newcastle University, UK and was published by Diabetes care. The only reason I love this theory is because of its natural and scientific credibility which kindles hope for everyone suffering from diabetes.

According to a Newcastle Diabetes Study led by Dr. Ron Taylor, your personal threshold fat is the perfect point to ensure that your pancreas get unclogged and eventually start pumping insulin normally again.

The pancreas, though they may appear small, are a crucial organ as they work for pumping insulin which eventually ensures that your blood sugar level is at a normal and a healthy range. In case of type – 2 diabetes, your pancreas gets clogged and does not pump insulin properly, which leads to insulin resistance and abnormal sugar levels in your body.

Initially your pancreas face an abnormal issue with pumping insulin and later pump it in a high range to make up for the absence but with time the process decreases and your pancreas are unable to process enough insulin to maintain your body glucose level as well.  The reason here is that the fat in your body is clogging your pancreas and leading to the decreased processing of insulin in it.

According to the study by Dr. Ron Taylor loosing fat can help type -2 diabetes patients in allowing their pancreas to function properly and get back to its normal state. But the trick here is that this fat is required to be specifically from your pancreas.

Now the issue is – how to do that? How to know the process for it? How is it simple then? There are a plethora of diets and meal plans which promise guaranteed results but the problem persists in the difficulty level of following them.  They turn out to be way too strict and require a great deal of commitment to be followed.

I worked on this with the help of my team; we did vigorous research and created the samples for the most effective and most convenient diabetes reversing plans. Our plan is specifically dedicated to unclog the fat from your pancreas and give it a head start in processing insulin.

We call our product – the abcs.

Features of abcs

  • Fosters the process of attaining your personal threshold weight
  • Helps in stabilizing your blood sugar levels and the level of insulin in your blood
  • It works at reversing your type -2 diabetes and your pre diabetic conditions.
  • It helps you get rid of all the dangerous medications
  • It helps put a full stop on the constant payments you made for medicines which did no good to your healthy.

Our abcs program is not intended to give you a diet plan, we are not a weight loss program nor a fitness program. This abcs program can reverse your diabetes within a matter of few weeks and without any complicated steps

Who does abcs target?

This plan has been specifically designed for individuals who have tried nearly everything and have still not found their cure. My formula is the most trustable, reliable and natural way of building your body’s resistance to the accumulation of any further fat and at the same time working on the threshold fat of your body.

These plans work on a generic basis without checking your blood sample, digestive patterns, hormone testing and genetic testing. They do not take the pain of getting to the root of your problem and finding out the reason why you are suffering with diabetes. 

A life free from diabetes

Firstly let’s imagine a life free from diabetes –

  • No pricking your finger every morning to detect the figures of your blood sugar level
  • No dangerous medication, no reactions and no insulin injections
  • No danger of your immunity system loosing the fight against some serious dangerous ailment

Imagine living a normal life just like thousands of other individuals. Now hold your imagination right there because we are here to turn this into reality. This reality can be achieved by following a health plan that is personalized and target your shortcomings in order to unclog your pancreas and reversing your diabetes by reversing your insulin resistance.

With some of the super foods from our program you will be able to

  • Loose that one gram of target fat which will unclog your pancreas
  • Turn your blood sugar level back to normal in order to stabilize it within a matter of 8 weeks
  • Reverse your insulin resistance
  • Reverse your nagging diabetes complications
  • Lose weight

Now are you wondering what these superfoods are. I know you would be thinking of foods that you won’t like, that are health oriented and that you will have to sacrifice your taste in order to consume them. But trust me, it is for the better.

Coffee? Avacados? You will come across many more such foods that you consume daily but never realized the health benefits that they cause.

Superfoods are not some high priced exotic food items you find in selected supermarkets, they are normally consumed food items whose benefits you are unaware of. These foods when consumed in a regulated manner can boost your body multiple times more than any expensive supplement you can think of.

Over the time of these eight weeks you will experience the following changes in your body –

  • You will notice that your binge eating habits have come to an end and your cravings are also decreased
  • The immunity and energy you missed during the intake of medicines have revived and now you are all fresh and ready to conquer the world
  • You will walk over the anxiety phase and have a clearer thinking process
  • You will see an evident change in your body with a considerable amount of weight loss.

We believe in simplifying the process of reversing diabetes for you, which is achieved through exceptionally impactful Chinese medicine, worth every penny you spend on it.

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