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What you need to know about Diabetes and Chinese Medicine?

At What Point is Metabolism Enhancement Helpful to People Diagnosed as Pre Diabetic or Diabetic(Type 2)

Normal Blood Glucose: 70-110

Normal Post Oral Blood Glucose (2 hrs): 120-140, this number should go back down in around 3 hours Exercise reduces blood sugar at the time: glucose goes to your muscles for energy

Over time your cells develop a resistance to insulin because of constant elevated Blood sugar With Type 2 Diabetes your blood sugar levels can get as high as 1000

How is Diabetes (Xiao Ke) understood in terms of Chinese Medicine?

There is a long history of treating “Xiao Ke”, which has the unique and identical signs and symptoms for diabetes, “sweet urine”. At the point a person is diagnosed with Diabetes in Allopathic Medicine (your MD) with an A1c lab test, Chinese Medicine already sees signs that the disease has progressed to a deeper stage in your body. Chinese Medicine believes at this stage, there is so much cold in your system and a lack of vital energy that your metabolism has slowed to the point of no longer functioning properly. The original cause of Diabetes or Xiao Ke is lack of vital energy and increase in cold. By the time you see symptoms like gain weight (especially around the belly), poor digestion, issues with bowel movements, fatigue and cold hands and feet, the metabolism of your body is so diminished that changing your diet (generally the first recommendation of allopathic medicine, along with medication) has no impact because your body can not process anything you put into it. Also because the body is not processing anything properly, everything you put into your system just sits there and becomes stagnant and adds to the problem of poor digestion (including the medications you are taking to try to reduce your blood sugars).

By improving the metabolism first, using our Metabolism Enhancement Program , we are able to treat the root cause of the issue as well as start the process to improving the overall function of your system and the reversal of the majority of complications that you now have.


At What Point is Metabolism Enhancement Helpful to People Diagnosed as Pre Diabetic or Diabetic(Type 2)

At what point in the process of Diabetic Illness can Chinese Medicine be Helpful? Watch our video testimonials to hear from our patients themselves what all the benefits of the Metabolism Enhancement Program are, whether you have been diagnosed as Pre-diabetic or are at the point where you are already experiencing more severe complications such as stroke, open heart surgery, and are already on long term insulin and short term insulin shots, multiple medications, and your sugar levels are still between 120-240.

To be clear, reducing blood sugar levels is not what Chinese Medicine Treats. In ancient times there was no way to test blood sugar, but you could clearly see when someone who had metabolism issues got better. Treatment of Xiao Ke improves Metabolism. What you will see and feel is better overall digestion, more regular bowel movements, an increase in your overall energy, better circulation, weight loss or weight gain, and because of better overall function your blood sugars will also drop. With continued treatments and following our program guidelines your A1c will eventually drop as well because your body is now able to do what it is supposed to do. Once your A1c drops your MD will generally take you off medications. However, while going through treatment, do not stop taking any prescribed medications until your MD recommends you discontinue your medications. With prolonged treatment, Your A1c can return to normal and the Diagnosis of Diabetes is reversed.

How Long is the Metabolism Enhancement Program for People Diagnosed with Diabetes?

The Metabolism enhancement program starts with appointments 3 times a week for 3 months. People that have been diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic can often see their blood sugars drop and their A1c levels return to normal within the first 3 months. People that have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and are already on medication and are dealing with complications related to their diabetes might need to do an additional round of treatment for 3 more months. People that have already developed or experienced severe complications from diabetes, such as stroke, heart disease or kidney dysfunction or failure or are on short term/ long term insulin, may need to be on the program for up to 2 years. In general, the overall goal is to return balance and health to you. The longer someone has been out of balance or in a state of poor health, the longer it takes to fix things. This is also why we recommend letting anyone you know who may be in the early stages of issues with blood sugars, or has been told they may be prediabetic, to start treatments now. Prevention is far easier than treatment and has much more long lasting benefits to your health. For every person we see, regardless of what brought you in, we always recommend that you continue with some kind of maintenance program to maintain your overall health. Please take a look at our video testimonials from patients, just like you, who have benefited from treatments.


How Long is the Metabolism Enhancement Program for People Diagnosed with Diabetes?

The question is, what is your health worth to you? The cost of the Metabolism Enhancement Program, which is for the initial round of the program and is based on 3 treatments 3 times a week, can be around $12,000 over a 3 month period.

For people that attend our free seminar on how our program works, there is a discount because of the time saved in the clinic. That means depending on how you choose to pay for it, the program could be under $7,000. We will reevaluate your progress at the end of the 3 months with another A1C check from your MD. If you haven’t hit your goal yet we will talk about what continuing care looks like for you, personally.

The program length and cost will be discussed at your first consultation, after we have laid out your particular numbers, your goals, the amount of medication you are on and how long you have been taking it.

  • Prediabetic patients usually need just the 3 month initial program
  • Sugar levels of up to 200 with A1C less than 9, no medicine will need 3 month – 6month depending on how fast your body responds.
  • Patients with over 10 years since diagnosis, and medication might need 6 months to start.

If you would rather pay for individual treatments, each treatment will cost approximately $300 at the time of the visit. It is important to understand that the ultimate goal of our program is not simply to lower your blood sugar levels, but to actually reverse the damage that has occurred to your health. The cost of that damage, and if nothing is done to change it, far exceeds the small cost of not only the program but what you will end up paying both in terms of money and your overall health and well-being.

For more information about the overall costs of a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes and health complications that develop from abnormal blood sugar levels, please email us and we will send you the information along with links you can go to, to obtain even more information on this issue.

How is Diabetes diagnosed? What does A1c test for?

In allopathic medicine (your MD) a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes is given when your Fasting Blood Sugar levels ( FPG- fasting plasma glucose) are 120-125 your are diagnosed pre-diabetic and if on a repeated test it is above 126 you are diagnosed Diabetic. A more sensitive test is the Oral Glucose Tolerant Test ( OGTT) and shows how your body is actually processing sugars you put into it. If your levels for this test are 140-199 you are diagnosed pre-diabetic and on a repeated test they are 200 or above you are diagnosed Diabetic. An A1c or HbA1c are glycated or glycosylated hemoglobin tests and if the results are 5.7-6.4 you are generally diagnosed as pre-diabetic and above 6.4 you are diagnosed as diabetic. The range of numbers can change and the cut off for pre-diabetic and diabetic or at what point your MD recommends medication may change so make sure you are clear on what test is being done and what ranges are being used to determine your diagnosis.

A1c is a blood test done to look at the average amount of glycosolated hemoglobin in your blood at a given time. The A1c test is a measure of the percentage of the protein of hemoglobin ( on your red blood cells) that have glucose molecules attached to them instead of oxygen molecules The A1c test is an average of the overall concentration of glycosylated hemoglobin in your bloodstream over the past three months. The higher the number the more glucose in your bloodstream and the more saturated your blood cells are with sugar instead of oxygen.


Why are the Hemoglobin on the red blood cells important?

When you breathe in Oxygen, it moves down through your lungs to what are called alveoli and at the the alveoli, that are surrounded by tiny blood vessels called capillaries, there is an exchange of carbon dioxide coming out of your bloodstream and oxygen going into your bloodstream. Once oxygen enters the bloodstream it is picked up or attached to hemoglobin (the protein on the red blood cells) and is transported through your system to every cell in your body. Oxygen is one of the key components of cellular reactions, every cell in our body needs oxygen to produce energy and function properly. Much like a car without gas, if we do not have enough oxygen in our system to fuel our cells our entire system will shut down.

Why a high A1c is so dangerous?

WWhen there is an excess of glucose (sugar) in your blood, there is a higher concentration which means there are more glucose molecules to compete with oxygen molecules for space on the Hemoglobin protein of the red blood cells. When the glucose attaches to the hemoglobin, it prevents oxygen molecules from attaching, which means hemoglobin is glycosylated and can not pick up oxygen any more. This means the red blood cells are not able to transport the oxygen through your system. WIth no oxygen getting to the cells in your body, the cells will start to break down. As the cells break down the tissues of your body: muscles, heart muscle, brain matter, organs, will all start to break down as well. The glucose (sugar) attaching to the red blood cells is not reversible! That particular red blood cell is no longer able to function and will stay the same way until it dies. The life span of a red blood cell is 120 days. That means that red blood cell is circulating in your system for approximately 4 months. That means that all the red blood cells that are now carrying glucose instead of oxygen are unable to help your body. Your body is now unable to get the oxygen that your cells all need to those cells. Much like anemia, when you do not have enough iron on your hemoglobin for oxygen to attach to, you will start to feel symptoms such as fatigue, light headed or dizzy, and changes in your appetite and sleep.

The longer this issue continues the more the red blood cells are affected and the more all the other cells in your body are not able to get the oxygen they need to function. Eventually this leads to diminished function and eventually, failure of the cells, tissues and organs such as your heart, brain and kidneys. This is why the life expectancy for someone diagnosed with diabetes tends to be 10 years less than someone that does not have issues with their blood sugars.

It is important to remember, the A1c is a percentage of hemoglobin that have been saturated with glucose(sugar) taken at a specific point in time. This number includes red blood cells from the past 3 months to now. This is important to remember when you start treatment. As your metabolism improves and your sugars are being used by your cells more properly, the amount in your bloodstream to attach to hemoglobin is reduced. However, your A1c may not reduce initially as there are still all those blood cells in your system that were saturated 3 months before you even started treatment.


How Does Treatment Help?

The Metabolism Enhancement Program helps to stop the process by helping your body to actually use the glucose that goes into it from the food you eat. Sugars sit in your bloodstream because your digestive system and cellular processing are not able to do the job they are supposed to, which is to convert the food you eat, the fluids you drink and the air you breathe into energy. In Chinese Medicine this is because over a period of time your body has become colder, weaker, more stagnated, with less energy to transform and transport nutrients, fluids and air through your system. Everything just sits there! Enhancing your Metabolism with moxibustion helps to warm your body, there by increasing the energy your body has to help your circulation. As your circulation improves all of the nutrients your body needs are able to be transported to where they need to go and your cells have the energy they need to actually be able to use those nutrients. Getting everything to start to move and function again is the first step to getting the sugars out of your bloodstream and into your cells where it can actually be used. As soon as this starts to happen, your body is already beginning the process towards healing and better health. The more sugar able to be used by your body, the less sugar in your bloodstream. The less sugar in your bloodstream, the less sugar attached to your hemoglobin. The less sugar attached to your hemoglobin, the more oxygen your hemoglobin can carry. The more oxygen that can be transported to your cells, the better those cells can function. The better the cells function, the more energy your body has to use for function, metabolism and energy. The better your entire system functions and the better your metabolism gets encouraging the cycle of healing.

How much of Difference Does it Make to Your A1c and Your Overall Health?

A drop of just 1% in your A1c reduces the risk of death related to Diabetes by 21%

Risk of Myocardial Infarction ( Heart Attack) is 14% lower

Risk of microvascular ( small blood vessels) related issues such as blindness, peripheral circulatory issues, and kidney issues is 37% less

Risk of Amputations drops by 43%


How and What are the Complications of Diabetes?

The higher the A1c (glucose saturated hemoglobin) and the longer the issue of excess sugars in the bloodstream( poor metabolism), The more saturated the blood is with glucose the more insulin your body requires to be able to help with your cells actually being able to take up the sugar. The more inundated with sugar the more your insulin becomes resistant to the need for it and the less your cells are able to use the sugar that is there. The longer you have an excess of glucose in your bloodstream, the less glucose and oxygen are getting to your cells and the more your cells get damaged. The longer everything soaks in sugar water the more damage and complications there are. The greater the risk of deterioration and eventual failure of cells, tissues, and organs!

Once I Complete the Program, Can My Blood Sugars Go Up Again?

The Metabolism Enhancement Program is designed to treat the symptoms and root cause of Diabetes. Moxibustion and Acupuncture help to improve the energy of your body and to remove the cold and stagnation that have built up over time. The other part of the program is teaching you how to change the lifestyle, diet, and habits that put your system more at risk for developing these issues. The more people follow the program with regular treatments, implement diet changes in terms of Chinese Medicine, use the tools that help with reducing stress and improving sleep, the faster they are able to see results. More importantly, once they finish the program they can continue to use all of the tools we have given them to make real life changes and maintain their health long term. Will there be times that you fall back on old habits, of course there will! Will there be times your blood sugar goes up again, of course there will!

The difference is when things are not perfect, your system is more balanced and better functioning so it is able to deal with any temporary setbacks. Your blood sugars may go up slightly but you have the tools you need to adjust what you are doing and get back on track so they come back down.

We provide as part of the program Diet and Nutrition classes, Sleep/Insomnia classes, Exercise/Stress Relief classes. All of which you can attend any time you want and your spouse/partner/health partner are also welcome to attend for free.


What is the Metabolism Enhancement Program actually treating?

In Chinese Medicine, Metabolism issues are related to “coldness and weakness”. Coldness in any part of the body causes circulation to slow down. This is true in patients with diabetes and has the greatest impact on the middle jiao or abdomen. In patients with diabetes you can actually feel the cold when you touch the abdomen. When there is cold the metabolism slows down and your body is not able to process what you eat. Weakness means the body does not have the energy that it needs to function. This means there is no energy to move or circulate the blood and nutrients to the body. Without blood and nutrients moving through the body, your system can not function, your cells do not function, your body’s ability to heal itself, move fluids, repair tissue, are all reduced. The key sign of this is when fluids pool in areas and the tissue becomes weak, what you see is “puffiness”. “Puffiness” around the abdomen, loose and floppy skin, edema or swelling, un-healthy complexion and skin color.


How does the Metabolism Enhancement Program treat Coldness and Weakness and promote overall health?


Moxibustion or “moxa” is the process of burning an herb over an area of the body or specific points on the body in order to heat up the area. Moxibustion has been used in China for Chinese Medicine for over 3000 years. Using Moxa on the abdomen helps to increase circulation to the area thereby increasing the metabolism through your gastrointestinal tract. Because it is warm it helps to disperse and remove the coldness that is stagnated in your system. And the property of the herb that is used for the Moxibustion actually helps to strengthen the weakness and provide the energy your body needs to improve the overall function. WIth moxibustion, people very quickly see their energy rise, their digestion improves, bowel movements improve, they process fluids better so urine increases and improves, because fluids are moving the “puffiness” and edema generally improve and people tend to lose weight and their blood sugar drops. You can actually see the health of the skin increase and the complexion change. Overall they feel better, look better and function better. Watch on youtube for more about Moxa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCgQneBFNFY

Navel Acupuncture/ Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the insertion of needles into the body in specific points to stimulate the movement of qi or vital energy, the movement of yin/blood/fluids through the meridians. Acupuncture has been practiced in Chinese Medicine for more than 3000 years. The needles used for Acupuncture are all single use, disposable needles. The needles are extremely small, many not much thicker than the hair on your head. Most of what people feel when acupuncture is done is a small pinch or tightness during the initial insertion of the needle. Once the needle is through the surface of the skin, many people forget the needles are even there until it is time to remove them. On the navel, acupuncture is done on the outer wall of the navel and points are based on a number of different maps that have been developed over the last 3000 years. Some points are related to specific areas of the body, some, such as for diabetes, address specific organs and meridians or pathways in the body. Some address issues such as sleep or stress or pain. The navel is used because it can address many different issues with very few needles and has profound effects. Additional acupuncture points may be added to increase the overall out come of the treatment and to address specific additional issues or symptoms a person may have. These points are chosen based on the meridian being affected and what specifically can be done to help the meridian function better overall.

Tension Release

As with pretty much everyone in the world right now, Stress is a huge factor in health. From our experience, most diabetic patients have high stress which translates into actual tension in the body. This tension can have a negative effect on sleep, brain function, energy, metabolism, emotions, hormones and every aspect of your overall health. In terms of Allopathic Medicine ( your MD) research has actually shown that higher stress levels increase cortisol in your system which alters the body’s insulin production. Prolonged stress actually increases insulin resistance in the body, reducing the body’s natural ability to process sugar. In Chinese Medicine stress is described as Qi Stagnation and eventually Blood stagnation, which means the energy and circulation of your body can not get to where it needs to go. With the energy stuck in one place other parts of your body can not function properly. Metabolism decreases while things like pain and insomnia, anger/ irritability/ emotional imbalance , restlessness, constipation and other digestive issues increase. Tension in the body is clear and palpable. You can feel it yourself! For people that need it, we will add Tension Release to the program. Tension Release is additional needles placed along specific meridians that relate to the symptoms a person is experiencing, whether it is pain, poor digestion, or issues with sleep. In Chinese Medicine, the common channels or meridians we see tension in are: Kidney Channel: hormones including insulin. Gallbladder Channel: digestion, mental stress, stress related pain Typically what we see with people with diabetes that their sugar levels directly correlate to the amount of tension they have in these channels. What that means is the tighter and more tense these two channels feel, the higher that person’s blood sugar is. If you want to check the tension in these meridians/ channels yourself you can learn where they are by looking at the images on this link https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1CAIVGE_enUS722US722&q=acupuncture+meridians&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjf87iW2ZjnAhVIEawKHU_GC8UQsAR6BAgKEAE&biw=1280&bih=673

By improving the metabolism first, using our Metabolism Enhancement Program , we are able to treat the root cause of the issue as well as start the process to improving the overall function of your system and the reversal of the majority of complications that you now have.