Online health therapy instruction

Membership Fee & Policy (May, 2020)

Membership fee: limited to 50 members

  1. Regular member: $199 per month without herbs
  2. Premium Member $299 per month with herbs

Extra membership benefit: 50% discount on allNeeded therapy services in clinic, with a credit for the amount has been paid for home therapy.

Member benefits:

  • 1st time consultation : FREE

    For health evaluation and online diagnosis. 

  • Follow-up online consultation:

once a week, 20-30 minutes per section.

The online consultation will be done through Zoom or Wechat video meeting, and the time might be used for Health consultation, home therapy instruction, health home therapy follow up or modification, Lifestyle change instruction, self healing exercise instruction etc. 


  • After 1st-month membership is paid in full, the full customized treatment plan based on personal health evaluation and instruction schedule will be provided within 2 days.
  • Home therapy might be provided or instructed:
  1. Moxa 艾灸(heating therapy): the best for improving energy, digestion, and metabolism. it is also the best to treat the “cold” 寒and “weak” 虚 symptoms according to Chinese Medicine
  1. Acupressure 穴位按摩: Self therapy instruction on how to stimulate acupuncture points based on symptoms and health condition
  1. Scraping刮痧: Use a spoon or coin to scrape on the skin surface according to acupuncture channels to help the energy flow. It is the easiest and best treatment to treat common cold, release pain and tension.
  1. Cupping拔罐: Use certain cups and vacuum from fire or manual, to make suction on acupuncture points or acupuncture channels, to help release tension or help circulation. It has been commonly used by sports experts to help their training.

    It also is very helpful for the common cold and regular pain.

  1. Herbs: $5 /day for regular members and free for Premium members.

Most common symptoms can be relieved by chinese herbs formula based on tongue condition, navel diagnosis (send online pictures) and questionnaire.

  1. Weekly Health class and members only Q&A

Every Sunday 4-5pm, there will be a online Zoom video health class in Chinese for a health topic to discuss one health problem or health related issues or lifestyle in depth, which is based on members request and  open to public, and the weekday after there will be a member only Q&A video Zoom meeting, to answer the member’s questions, and help the members for application.

We will notice the English Zoom meeting each week by email or text message.

  1. Self Healing remedies instruction:

There will be ongoing self healing remedies instruction, which will include but not limit to breathing technique, basic meditation for stress release, slow and relax exercise (simple exercises similar to TaiJi). Pasture self alert and training etc.

Materials Cost:

Members have the benefit to buy all materials including moxa pots, moxa herbs, cupping etc with a 50% discount of regular clinic price.

Moxa pot:  $40 (regular price  $80)

Moxa: long stick $25 (regular price $50) (1:30 the best quality available in US), the most common Moxa stick is 1:8 in any Herb store around $20

Short sticks: $50 for 54 pieces (1:30). special made for moxa pots,

1 hour heating therapy time each piece, 2 pieces per pot for one section.

* Members can pay $100 deposit for the Moxa pots, and get a refund when returning the moxa pots for short term use.

 Membership Policy

All memberships require full cash payment upfront for each month.

The membership is designed to provide high quality and customized service, so due to limited service capacities, we will NOT add extra members beyond our limit.

The membership fee is fixed regardless of whether members use the services or not. The membership fees shall expire at the designated time regardless of whether members use the services or not. Membership fees are not subject to negotiation.

We do not provide service everyday, only schedule by appointment, we guarantee service within 3 days, up to one section a week for online health therapy instruction, half hour per section.

The policy might update without notice, please request the most current police if you have any questions.

The membership fee might increase in the future, but the current members will lock in the same membership fee within 1 year.

If anyone drops off the membership for more than 6 months, it is requested to apply for a new membership fee with the current fee schedule.

Refund policy:

  1. Within 1st week(7 days), full membership fee, no questions asked.
  2. After 7 days: 1 st consultation fee of $80 shall be charged along with prorated fee, and the remaining unused membership fee will be fully refunded.
  3. Discounted materials cost will not be refunded.

For clients with Insurance coverage:

Minimum membership fee: $100/ month cash upfront + negotiated fee based on insurance policy.

(Only for insurance policies not part of any network).

Suggest health Condition/problems

which might be benefit from this Online health therapy instruction membership:

  • Energy related health issues: low metabolism, chronic fatigue, cold hand cold feet, low sex drive, etc
  • digestion issues: indigestion; weight gain, poor digestion, bowel movement issues , constipation, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)肠激综合征, stomach pain, bloating, etc
  • Female issues: painful menstruation; irregular menstruation, 宫寒,PMS, menopause, Fibroid子宫肌瘤, breast nodules/tumor (not cancer), miscarage or abotion history, infertility.
  • Chronic pain: Should pain, lower back pain, neck pain, etc
  • allergy, hay fever, easy to catch cold.
  • sleep problem, heart condition.
  • other health problem might get SOME benefits or improvement: Diabetes糖尿病Depression抑郁症Gout痛风 (Chronic stage), BipolarDisorder 躁郁症, Fibromyalgia肌纤维痛症; Rheumatoid类风湿,

Difficult Illness Fee Schedule

Special program with the discount packages available in the clinic.




BipolarDisorder 躁郁症



Alzheimer’s Disease/Vascular Dementia老年痴呆

ONFH(Osteonecrosis of the femoral head)

/AVNFH(Avascular necrosis of the femoral head)股骨头坏死




IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)肠激综合征


Urinary Incontinence尿失禁