What is acupuncture?

& how Acupuncture works
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Acupuncture, if explained as per traditional Chinese Medicine, considers the premise that channels of vital energy run in fixed patterns within the body and on its surface. Such energy channels, known as meridians, are akin to rivers flowing through the body with the aim to nourish the tissues. Any obstruction is similar to a dam in a river, as it can either be the result or cause of the illness, and it can also impact the mind.

Energy meridians of the body as well as mind can be influenced by using needles to puncture the acupuncture points. The purpose of these needles is to unblock the obstructed flow of energy and blood and establish normal flow of the same through the meridians once again, thus restoring balance and health.

Chi is in every section of the human body, including the mind and brain. Therefore, acupuncture treatments can help o correct imbalances in internal medicine, neuro-muscular-skeletal conditions, as well as emotional and mental issues.

Modern science says that acupuncture is primarily based on research derived from recording brain activity before and after the treatment. The findings of this research show that needling the acupuncture points stimulates release of chemicals in muscles, brain and the spinal cord by the endocrine and nervous systems. These chemicals will either alter the pain experience or will trigger the release of other hormones through the endocrine system, which are able to influence the body’s internal regulating system.

Enhanced biochemical balance and state of energy from acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities, and promotes emotional and physical health.

Acupuncture has been successful in Asian culture over several years. Not only does it do its job, but it functions better than Western interventions such as drugs and surgery in a number of cases.

How Does Acupuncture Feel?

Acupuncture needles are minutely thicker than a human hair follicle, and generate mild sensations while entering the skin. Each of these needles is pre-packaged within a wrapper and needs to be disposed immediately after use, thereby eliminating the chance of infection.

Once the needles have been inserted, you will feel a bit of heaviness, tingling and warmth, but no pain. The sensations from these treatments are very relaxing, as felt by most patients. Many of them even fall asleep during this treatment.