Due to the Coronavirus, our clinic is closed for now until further notice

All current diabetic seminar will be online through Zoom meeting, And we do provide home therapy and online health classes for diabetic patients.

You can schedule an online Zoom video consultation with Dr Wu, and we will provide a non-contact online diagnosis with herbs drop to home service in the bay area.:

Please contact us for any question: (408)480-2860

We are providing 10-weeks Zoom Online Classes.
Time: Every Saturday 8pm start from 08/22/2020
Duration: 30 minutes + QA
Cost: Total $49, 1stclass is FREE


  • Simple meditation
  • Practical slow Chinese ancient exercise
  • Basic breathing technique


Help you to:

“Be friend with your body”

  • A special program designed for Diabetes patients relink to their Body.
  • Feel your body
  • Connect with your body
  • Be friend with your body

The Class schedule:

08/22: 1.     Introduction: How to feel your body,

why we are disconnected to our body

Feel your skin movement though breathing

08/29 2.     How to Sit: Feel your body through sit
09/05 standing meditation: feel your body through stand
09/12 Slow walk: follow your body’s movement rhythm, not demand

–Move your spine basic

09/19 Whole Spine movement basic
09/26 Special Spine movement for diabetes
10/03 feel your muscle tension

basic relax technique

10/10 Stretching basic
10/17 3Dself-adjustment technique- Find most relax position for your joint
10/24 Feel your internal organs–Be friend with your body graduation


Halloween: No class
11/07 Q& A: new program (Repeat) start: 1st class



Note: Each class will teach very simple practice technique, to help you feel and reconnect with your body, but it take your time to practice every day, so you are enable master all the techniques, and start be friend with your body, then follow your body’s need, and achieve  health in the rest of your life.

Our whole life, we were trained to pay attention to everything OUTSIDE our body: family, friends, studying, career, money…

Yes, may be our health, and our body…
But mostly our lab test result, how our body looks like the social image – not actually how our body feel….
Until we found we have diabetes and we still don’t feel our body is sick, and we start to wonder, what happen to the body, why it is not function the way it supposed to.

But we never do ask our own body itself,

“what happen to you- my body?
how you feel? My body?
what do you need? My body?
Are you tired? Exhausted? My body?
So many years I have worked hard to achieve what I wanted, but not my body liked?
Do you like what I eat? My body?
Do you want more sleep and rest? My body?
When I exercise, I thought I am helping you, my body, but is it what you like?
Do you like to be strong? No, strong is not healthy, not same thing?

We demand our body but hardly “be friend” with our body, and listen to our body, what “the body” likes, or wanted, until we found we got diabetes, a silent message through our MD, but from our body…

If you never ask your body the questions above, now it is time to go through your own question list, ask your body, and find the answer.

Because it is your body, and you need to learn how to “be friend” with your body, and take care “your body”.

If you didn’t do it in the past…

Very interesting, in my practice with diabetes patient, I have not see one without stress / tension in their body, and the high stress / tension level, the high insulin resistance.

Through the program “be friend with your body”, we will guide you step by step, learn:
How to feel your body,
How to reconnect to your body
How to respond to your body’s message
And find the correct answer to your body’s demand, not your demands to your body.
Learn to be a friend to your own body.

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Home Therapy for Diabetes Saturday, June 20, 2020
11:00 AM
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Q & A for Home therapy for Diabetes Jun 21, 2020
02:00 PM
Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Adult-onset diabetes—Type 2—is a severe medical condition. When your blood sugar levels are too high, your internal organs soak in the excess sugar, gradually destroying their essential functions. However, diabetes is not an incurable disease. With the right strategy, you can reverse the course of diabetes and avoid its worst complications. In this free seminar, Dr. Yaron Wu will share how he successfully treated hundreds of Type 2 diabetic patients. Learn how a careful diet, intermittent fasting, tension release, and Traditional Chinese Medicine can work together to build vibrant and sustainable health. Seminar attendees will receive a special discount on their first acupuncture session at Han Wellness Club.